Seven Thoughts on VII (Spoilers)

I totally click-baited you. There are far more than seven thoughts here as I walk through my blatherings on the box-office-record-smashing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, roughly in screen order. (I haven’t seen any of the supplemental or behind-the-scenes material, so perhaps some of this has been answered outside the film… let me know in theContinue reading “Seven Thoughts on VII (Spoilers)”

The Force Wakes Up Spoiler-Free and Feeling Refreshed

1980’s The Empire Strikes Back was the last time I went into a Star Wars movie completely fresh. For Return of the Jedi, I received a copy of the movie novelization a week or two before the premiere and my 12-year-old self couldn’t help but peek at pages… and I regrettably learned that Han Solo comesContinue reading “The Force Wakes Up Spoiler-Free and Feeling Refreshed”

I’m happy for you, Star Wars. I am.

In just a month, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in movie theaters. In October 1999, my life-long fandom and involvement with the popular Star Wars website landed me at a lunch on Skywalker Ranch which lead to my recruitment to take over the efforts at I picked up my family, moved to theContinue reading “I’m happy for you, Star Wars. I am.”