Knowing the Known Unknowns

As the distraction of the family-centric Christmas week crashes to an end, I cannot keep my thoughts from straying ahead to the health-defining schedule for my next week. Since last I wrote about my cancer, I have had a new biopsy, full-body CT scan and MRI scan. I was already on standby for a sooner surgeryContinue reading “Knowing the Known Unknowns”

Seven Thoughts on VII (Spoilers)

I totally click-baited you. There are far more than seven thoughts here as I walk through my blatherings on the box-office-record-smashing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, roughly in screen order. (I haven’t seen any of the supplemental or behind-the-scenes material, so perhaps some of this has been answered outside the film… let me know in theContinue reading “Seven Thoughts on VII (Spoilers)”

The Force Wakes Up Spoiler-Free and Feeling Refreshed

1980’s The Empire Strikes Back was the last time I went into a Star Wars movie completely fresh. For Return of the Jedi, I received a copy of the movie novelization a week or two before the premiere and my 12-year-old self couldn’t help but peek at pages… and I regrettably learned that Han Solo comesContinue reading “The Force Wakes Up Spoiler-Free and Feeling Refreshed”

This Country was Founded on Principles of Ethical Goat Boiling

While my personal faith journey snapshots have thus far been focused on my struggles to reconcile the Bible with science, I think the next few will look at my struggle with the doctrine that the Bible was written by human men through divine inspiration. In the mean time, in the context of recent world violence I keep hearing that thisContinue reading “This Country was Founded on Principles of Ethical Goat Boiling”

Tell me again how Kangaroos Floated to Australia on Logs

When I began my earnest quest to find the evidence to support my belief in a literal, non-figurative (I understand those are the same thing, but it’s 2015 and this clarification is sadly necessary), inerrant, plain-reading view of the history presented in the Bible, the global flood of Genesis 6-9 was a top priority. Along withContinue reading “Tell me again how Kangaroos Floated to Australia on Logs”

Reduction to Allegory

Before I continue on with further snapshots of my faith(less) journey, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the significant population, including some reading this, who generally accept and acknowledge modern scientific conclusions regarding origins and find this no obstacle to their belief in a deity. This group will say “of course” to my evidentiaryContinue reading “Reduction to Allegory”

A Little Signpost

I received this thoughtful message from Andrew, a man with whom I share much superficial and substantive common background, as a reply to my comment on his Facebook share (social media buzz!). I am placing it here, with permission, for my own reflection. I find this absolutely flabbergasting. How is it that in all your yearsContinue reading “A Little Signpost”