Paulogia’s Second Rebuttal vs. Dr Loke

Written Debate Between Dr. Andrew Loke and Paulogia Previous Entries: Welcome to the sixth entry in the written series between myself and Dr Andrew Loke debating the topic, “Is there good evidence for group appearances of resurrected Jesus?”  The Debate Procedural Acknowledgement Before we begin, I’d like to acknowledge that this rebuttal is in violationContinue reading “Paulogia’s Second Rebuttal vs. Dr Loke”

Paulogia’s First Rebuttal vs. Dr Loke

Written Debate Between Dr. Andrew Loke and Paulogia Previous Entries: Dr Loke’s Opening Statement (quoted below in orange) Paulogia’s Opening Statement Dr Loke’s First Rebuttal (quoted below in green) Despite the fact that — at my interlocutor’s sole behest – Dr Loke and I are engaged in a debate in written format, he confusingly chose to open his firstContinue reading “Paulogia’s First Rebuttal vs. Dr Loke”

Is there Good Evidence for Group Appearances of Risen Jesus? (Paulogia Opening Statement)

Written Debate between Dr. Andrew Loke and Paulogia Previous Entries:Dr. Andrew Loke’s Opening Statement I. Introduction First, allow me to apologize to everyone reading that I’m not educated enough to merely have a face-to-face conversation about this with Dr. Loke. If I had not squandered my life in decades of youth ministry and music ministry,Continue reading “Is there Good Evidence for Group Appearances of Risen Jesus? (Paulogia Opening Statement)”

Become a Paulogia Cartoon

If you’re a Master of Paulogia-level supporter and you’d like to appear as a cartoon in the credits of Paulogia video, please email me the following details to with a subject that mentions “Paulogia Patreon Cartoon”… 1. The name with which you’d like to be credited on video. 2. At least one photo ofContinue reading “Become a Paulogia Cartoon”

Closed-Mind is in the Eye of the Presupposer

Reasons to Believe is a creation advocate organization that generally earns my respect, if not my agreement. But a few recent articles caught my eye as uncharacteristically disingenuous. In Pseudoenzymes Illustrate Science’s Philosophical Commitments, author Dr. Fazale Rana attempts to demonstrate what he feels is a “blind spot” in methodological naturalism (we’ll define this next, hold on) usingContinue reading “Closed-Mind is in the Eye of the Presupposer”

Short Story – The Beach Baby

Long ago, about the place that would one day be New York, a journey began. The travelers did not know where they were going, but each day took a step in a direction that made them more content and more likely to continue the journey. This journey continued, winding to and fro, for nearly 4500Continue reading “Short Story – The Beach Baby”

U2 and Me – One Life, but we’re not the same.

The piles of clothes, fast-food wrappers and lidless boxes left little room for me in the back seat of Sheldon’s two-door car. I did not know driving-age Sheldon, but he was a friend of Cory. I didn’t know Cory that well either, but he was my first connection at the new school and neighborhood toContinue reading “U2 and Me – One Life, but we’re not the same.”

To Those Who Escaped the Maze

I don’t know if I could express my own emotions and feelings about my life on this side of atheism any better than this podcast host could in describing his listeners. If you’d like to know the current me a little better, listen to the end. I guess attempt to find comfort that my story isContinue reading “To Those Who Escaped the Maze”

My Irrational Response to Irrational Science Denial

Despite my protestation that most theological beliefs are held with inadequate reasons, I fully support anyone who holds them. It took years of intense information pursuit to detangle myself from the indoctrination of my youth. While I wish I could provide an escape shortcut for some believers, ultimately I’m finding that I have a real peace toward those whoContinue reading “My Irrational Response to Irrational Science Denial”