To Those Who Escaped the Maze

I don’t know if I could express my own emotions and feelings about my life on this side of atheism any better than this podcast host could in describing his listeners. If you’d like to know the current me a little better, listen to the end. I guess attempt to find comfort that my story isContinue reading “To Those Who Escaped the Maze”

Two Weeks of Four Weeks to Live

On April 25 of this year, I added a brief comment to the description of my photo-of-the-day entry, “Was rescanned this afternoon. Still cancer-free.” My particular cancer, Myxoinflammatory Fibroblastic Sarcoma, has a high recurrence rate and spreads quickly, so I will be scanned multiple times a year for the rest of my life. I probablyContinue reading “Two Weeks of Four Weeks to Live”

Slam Blogetry – Fury Road

“How can you be so calm?” “If I were you, I’d lose it.” This flavor of comment are my life-long companions. Maybe because Canadian. Maybe religious upbringing. Maybe a rational nature. Or maybe entirely a laughably inconsistent protective exoskeleton construction. “Doctor Banner, now might be a good time for you to get angry.” “That’s my secret, Captain:Continue reading “Slam Blogetry – Fury Road”

Post-Op — Part Two (A One-Armed Man Did It)

Today marks five weeks since the surgery to remove cancer from my body, and about three weeks since I wrote a blog about it foolishly including “part one” in the title. In the eyes of some, this meant that a part two should follow. My capacity to obligate myself is quite impressive, if I do sayContinue reading “Post-Op — Part Two (A One-Armed Man Did It)”

Reduction to Allegory

Before I continue on with further snapshots of my faith(less) journey, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the significant population, including some reading this, who generally accept and acknowledge modern scientific conclusions regarding origins and find this no obstacle to their belief in a deity. This group will say “of course” to my evidentiaryContinue reading “Reduction to Allegory”

A Little Signpost

I received this thoughtful message from Andrew, a man with whom I share much superficial and substantive common background, as a reply to my comment on his Facebook share (social media buzz!). I am placing it here, with permission, for my own reflection. I find this absolutely flabbergasting. How is it that in all your yearsContinue reading “A Little Signpost”

I’m happy for you, Star Wars. I am.

In just a month, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in movie theaters. In October 1999, my life-long fandom and involvement with the popular Star Wars website landed me at a lunch on Skywalker Ranch which lead to my recruitment to take over the efforts at I picked up my family, moved to theContinue reading “I’m happy for you, Star Wars. I am.”