Closed-Mind is in the Eye of the Presupposer

Reasons to Believe is a creation advocate organization that generally earns my respect, if not my agreement. But a few recent articles caught my eye as uncharacteristically disingenuous. In Pseudoenzymes Illustrate Science’s Philosophical Commitments, author Dr. Fazale Rana attempts to demonstrate what he feels is a “blind spot” in methodological naturalism (we’ll define this next, hold on) usingContinue reading “Closed-Mind is in the Eye of the Presupposer”

My Irrational Response to Irrational Science Denial

Despite my protestation that most theological beliefs are held with inadequate reasons, I fully support anyone who holds them. It took years of intense information pursuit to detangle myself from the indoctrination of my youth. While I wish I could provide an escape shortcut for some believers, ultimately I’m finding that I have a real peace toward those whoContinue reading “My Irrational Response to Irrational Science Denial”

MQFABSS #4 – No Leg to Stand On

By now we all know the drill for My Questions For a Bible School Student. This time we look at miracles, and the lack of evidence for them. Question From Me A miracle happens when God lends supernatural intervention in the natural world, often in areas of healing. From the outside, these claimed miracles are indistinguishableContinue reading “MQFABSS #4 – No Leg to Stand On”

MQFABSS #1 – Literal Interpretation of Genesis

If you have been following this blog, you may remember My Questions for a Bible School Student. After some illness and class catch-up, the Bible school student (BSS) replied with their obviously long-considered answers. With the student’s “I’m comfortable either way” permission to post the answers, I will do so here, one at a time along withContinue reading “MQFABSS #1 – Literal Interpretation of Genesis”

Tell me again how Kangaroos Floated to Australia on Logs

When I began my earnest quest to find the evidence to support my belief in a literal, non-figurative (I understand those are the same thing, but it’s 2015 and this clarification is sadly necessary), inerrant, plain-reading view of the history presented in the Bible, the global flood of Genesis 6-9 was a top priority. Along withContinue reading “Tell me again how Kangaroos Floated to Australia on Logs”

Reduction to Allegory

Before I continue on with further snapshots of my faith(less) journey, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the significant population, including some reading this, who generally accept and acknowledge modern scientific conclusions regarding origins and find this no obstacle to their belief in a deity. This group will say “of course” to my evidentiaryContinue reading “Reduction to Allegory”

The Chromosome that Broke the Camel’s Back

I’ve been asked what the tipping point was for me to accept the Theory of Evolution after resisting it for most of my life. As I researched, the weight of the evidence was cumulative, so the fact that flipped the switch for me was more a function of timing and the order I just happened to haveContinue reading “The Chromosome that Broke the Camel’s Back”

Spock was the Worst Wookiee

Most people enjoy lively conversations about topics that they are knowledgable and passionate about. An attentive conversant to whom you’re introducing ideas and experiences can reignite one’s own spark. Finding someone who shares your passion on the same level is invigorating. The best stimulation can be a person who has a differing, but equally-knowledgeable, take on theContinue reading “Spock was the Worst Wookiee”