Two Weeks of Four Weeks to Live

On April 25 of this year, I added a brief comment to the description of my photo-of-the-day entry, “Was rescanned this afternoon. Still cancer-free.” My particular cancer, Myxoinflammatory Fibroblastic Sarcoma, has a high recurrence rate and spreads quickly, so I will be scanned multiple times a year for the rest of my life. I probablyContinue reading “Two Weeks of Four Weeks to Live”

MQFABSS #4 – No Leg to Stand On

By now we all know the drill for My Questions For a Bible School Student. This time we look at miracles, and the lack of evidence for them. Question From Me A miracle happens when God lends supernatural intervention in the natural world, often in areas of healing. From the outside, these claimed miracles are indistinguishableContinue reading “MQFABSS #4 – No Leg to Stand On”

Post-Op — Part Two (A One-Armed Man Did It)

Today marks five weeks since the surgery to remove cancer from my body, and about three weeks since I wrote a blog about it foolishly including “part one” in the title. In the eyes of some, this meant that a part two should follow. My capacity to obligate myself is quite impressive, if I do sayContinue reading “Post-Op — Part Two (A One-Armed Man Did It)”

Knowing the Known Unknowns

As the distraction of the family-centric Christmas week crashes to an end, I cannot keep my thoughts from straying ahead to the health-defining schedule for my next week. Since last I wrote about my cancer, I have had a new biopsy, full-body CT scan and MRI scan. I was already on standby for a sooner surgeryContinue reading “Knowing the Known Unknowns”

I’m radioactive, radioactive

One week ago tonight, I was preparing myself to check in to the hospital for chemotherapy treatment for a rare cancerous sarcoma. The process began Monday morning with a 7 a.m. check-in to get a PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) inserted. Ultrasound was used to create a hole in a vein in my tricepContinue reading “I’m radioactive, radioactive”

Myxoinflammatory Fibroblastic Sarcoma

I was hauling boxes on June 1, 2015, when I noticed that the back of my right hand was sensitive as it would brush against door jams, van walls or packing material. Inspection that night revealed a small white dot near my knuckle. Spending most of my days typing, I know the back of my handContinue reading “Myxoinflammatory Fibroblastic Sarcoma”