Closed-Mind is in the Eye of the Presupposer

Reasons to Believe is a creation advocate organization that generally earns my respect, if not my agreement. But a few recent articles caught my eye as uncharacteristically disingenuous. In Pseudoenzymes Illustrate Science’s Philosophical Commitments, author Dr. Fazale Rana attempts to demonstrate what he feels is a “blind spot” in methodological naturalism (we’ll define this next, hold on) usingContinue reading “Closed-Mind is in the Eye of the Presupposer”

U2 and Me – One Life, but we’re not the same.

The piles of clothes, fast-food wrappers and lidless boxes left little room for me in the back seat of Sheldon’s two-door car. I did not know driving-age Sheldon, but he was a friend of Cory. I didn’t know Cory that well either, but he was my first connection at the new school and neighborhood toContinue reading “U2 and Me – One Life, but we’re not the same.”

The Magician-Free Illusion of Objective Morality

Based on the frequency it has been posed to me, Christians find that objective morality is particularly convincing evidence of their God. The “Moral Argument” contends not only that objective morality is a thing that exists, but that a God is required for it…. therefore God. Despite my persistent asking, no one has ever given me an example of thisContinue reading “The Magician-Free Illusion of Objective Morality”

MQFABSS #5 – All in my Head?

It’s been a while since our last My Questions For a Bible School Student. Today, we look at the factor I find most-influential to people of faith — personal experience. Question From Me How can an outsider know the difference between claims of personal experience of the Holy Spirit, nearly identical claims of personal experience of other faiths,Continue reading “MQFABSS #5 – All in my Head?”

MQFABSS #4 – No Leg to Stand On

By now we all know the drill for My Questions For a Bible School Student. This time we look at miracles, and the lack of evidence for them. Question From Me A miracle happens when God lends supernatural intervention in the natural world, often in areas of healing. From the outside, these claimed miracles are indistinguishableContinue reading “MQFABSS #4 – No Leg to Stand On”

MQFABSS #3 – Evidently Damned

The third ask from My Questions For a Bible School Student was by far the most personal to me. While it poked a little at the common misguided idea that free will is God’s top priority, it wasn’t specifically aimed at debunking a doctrine. Instead, it is just a hard look at my personal eternalContinue reading “MQFABSS #3 – Evidently Damned”

MQFABSS #2 – Prophecy Legends

Here is the second answer provided to me in the My Questions for a Bible School Student series, again with some commentary and response from me. As explained in more detail in part 1, my comments are meant to provide some intellectual challenges and potentially-new information of the kind that I wish I had confronted at the BibleContinue reading “MQFABSS #2 – Prophecy Legends”

MQFABSS #1 – Literal Interpretation of Genesis

If you have been following this blog, you may remember My Questions for a Bible School Student. After some illness and class catch-up, the Bible school student (BSS) replied with their obviously long-considered answers. With the student’s “I’m comfortable either way” permission to post the answers, I will do so here, one at a time along withContinue reading “MQFABSS #1 – Literal Interpretation of Genesis”

An Evidence Attested Resurrection?

There are times I miss being enveloped in the dry-but-rich four-part harmonies of my old Mennonite church. Around this Easter time, the music pastor would break out the mismatched plodding melody and joyous lyrics of I Serve a Risen Savior. In the chorus, the congregation liltingly professes, “You ask me how I know he lives?Continue reading “An Evidence Attested Resurrection?”

My Questions for a Bible School Student

“Hey Paul! Long time no see! I was wondering if you could do me a favour? Lately I have been really interested by your blog posts and for one of my classes here at (Bible college) I need to talk to someone who may have some questions or issues with Christianity so I thought I wouldContinue reading “My Questions for a Bible School Student”