Who Wrote the Book of Love?

As I look ahead to some more controversial discussions of the New Testament, and having recently heard some rather inaccurate assertions and misconceptions about the nature of the text, I thought I’d like to first get everyone on the same page (so to speak) about its basic origins. Hopefully the following is not new toContinue reading “Who Wrote the Book of Love?”

What did it say? Does it matter?

Inerrancy is a high standard for anyone to claim. Without error. One single slip in the smallest detail and the adjective is revoked. Most of us struggle to write an inerrant tweet, but I was trained up to believe that the entire Bible we read is perfect… free of human corruption and reliable in every word,Continue reading “What did it say? Does it matter?”

Prophecy or Easter Eggs? Jesus’ Secret Origins.

Since starting this blog, a number of people have pointed me toward fulfilled prophecy as evidence of a divine element to the Bible. A link to 353 Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ here, a pamphlet on 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus there, and here and there and there. It is the implied assertion that such levels of foresightContinue reading “Prophecy or Easter Eggs? Jesus’ Secret Origins.”

The Greatest Retcon Ever Told

It is common fodder to tease the brother-sister kiss of Luke and Leia in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back, but at least part of that embarrassment is owed to the fact that the episode was written before George Lucas decided upon their sibling lineage. This plot point was added in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, restoring some connectionContinue reading “The Greatest Retcon Ever Told”

Tell me again how Kangaroos Floated to Australia on Logs

When I began my earnest quest to find the evidence to support my belief in a literal, non-figurative (I understand those are the same thing, but it’s 2015 and this clarification is sadly necessary), inerrant, plain-reading view of the history presented in the Bible, the global flood of Genesis 6-9 was a top priority. Along withContinue reading “Tell me again how Kangaroos Floated to Australia on Logs”

Reduction to Allegory

Before I continue on with further snapshots of my faith(less) journey, I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the significant population, including some reading this, who generally accept and acknowledge modern scientific conclusions regarding origins and find this no obstacle to their belief in a deity. This group will say “of course” to my evidentiaryContinue reading “Reduction to Allegory”

The Season, Now with Reason

“Would you even celebrate Christmas?” asked concerned family members when considering December plans. Though my first publicly, this will actually be my second Christmas as a self-admitted atheist and there have been several as a skeptic. Surprisingly few of the traditions I cherish most about Christmas have anything to do with in-a-manger Jesus. Time withContinue reading “The Season, Now with Reason”

(Adam)ant Doctrine

When the preponderance of evidence forced me to accept the fact of evolution, it was a short trip to discarding the Bible I had studied, memorized and believed all my life. Until that point, I held firmly to Biblical inerrancy. In my view, the Bible itself asserted this with claims like “all scripture is God-breathed” (2Continue reading “(Adam)ant Doctrine”

Spock was the Worst Wookiee

Most people enjoy lively conversations about topics that they are knowledgable and passionate about. An attentive conversant to whom you’re introducing ideas and experiences can reignite one’s own spark. Finding someone who shares your passion on the same level is invigorating. The best stimulation can be a person who has a differing, but equally-knowledgeable, take on theContinue reading “Spock was the Worst Wookiee”